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100,000 new customers this year from direct response marketing.

Could it happen to you?

Yes, it could! Right now there are thousands of Americans who would gladly respond to your message, purchase your product or service or subscribe to your publication.

The only problem is—how to find them? You can't afford to advertise to 300 million people.

The solution: direct response marketing.

If nothing else has brought you the customers you want, it's time you knew what many of your fellow advertisers have already long-since discovered…

Nothing brings in more new customers, at a lower acquisition cost, than direct response marketing

Whether it's through direct mail or email, direct response marketing is the only way to (1) pinpoint your best prospects, and (2) go directly to them with the kind of appeal that has proven to achieve the best response.

To be successful, direct response marketing must have an enticing offer that appeals to your target audience, present your offer compellingly and, most important, actually reach your target audience.

That's where InfoMat comes in

The right postal or email list is key to your success. If someone is not interested in what you have to offer, the most brilliant direct response tactics will not generate interest. But if the offer is sent to the right list, even a mediocre mailing or email can generate a great response.

InfoMat partners with you to find just the right list

Where can you find the right kind of list? The kind that turns a money-losing campaign into a money-making one, and a profitable campaign into a gold mine?

Right here. InfoMat has earned a reputation nationwide as an industry leader. The country's largest marketers have come to us for list selection, as have entrepreneurs and new start-ups.

We've also helped more than 70 advertising agencies with their clients' email and postal list needs. InfoMat handles everything from local promotions to national campaigns and we've worked with clients throughout the world.

The reason? Our list selections simply pull better response.

List selection strategy that delivers results

For more than 30 years, InfoMat has been honing the strong industry relationships necessary to push your marketing campaign to new levels of success.

We're able to conduct the most thorough list research, identify the highest-performing segments and negotiate the best terms on lists that will produce the best results for your campaign.

Winning direct mail and email strategies

InfoMat specializes in both postal and email lists. Whether your campaign is a catalog-only offer or a multichannel email and website promotion, InfoMat has the lists, the strategies and the world-class customer service to make your campaign a success.

Call for your FREE list analysis

If you haven't already taken advantage of direct response marketing for promoting your product or service, or if you haven't had the success you hoped for, pick up your phone and call InfoMat now at (310) 212-5944 or email us at

Our list specialists will discuss your marketing campaign with you in detail, send you FREE bulletins on all lists related to your product or service and give you researched, targeted list recommendations.

When you mail to the list mix we prepare, we're confident that you—like the hundreds of your fellow advertisers who have already taken advantage of InfoMat's list selection service—will be delighted with the response. So take a moment and call us at (310) 212-5944 today.

How profitable are our list selections?

  • One company came to InfoMat after exhausting all of their marketing options and gaining only a few new customers. With InfoMat, they generated more than 100,000 buyers with an average unit of sale of over $145 in less than 1 year.
  • Another marketer recouped original promotion costs in just 2½ weeks and quadrupled their investment by the fifth week.
  • For a brand-new product developed from scratch, InfoMat doubled the company's initial promotion investment by the fifth week. They're now mailing to half a million InfoMat names a month.
  • Another company tried InfoMat's list selection service and was so thrilled they ordered more than 8 million names in less than 2 years.

Campaign management that lets you focus on your business

InfoMat takes the worry and stress out of managing the myriad components of a marketing campaign, from communicating clearly with clients to overseeing the work of each vendor. Because we pay the highest attention to detail and provide exceptional personal service, it's no wonder our clients return to InfoMat time and time again for their list needs.

Detailed response analysis

InfoMat tracks campaign performance and analyzes results at the end of your campaign to help refine your list selection and targeting strategies for future campaigns.

And we design detailed response analysis reports that clearly reveal valuable insights into how to improve your performance with the greatest immediate impact for your success. You'll quickly realize how much value you're getting with InfoMat lists.



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