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7 Great Reasons Why You’ll Make More Money with InfoMat Managing Your List

1. Your list is promoted aggressively.

Unlike some list managers, at InfoMat, we don’t wait for orders to come in. Instead we take the initiative to get you results.

You see, InfoMat is possibly the only list management company in the country with its own 40-time award-winning direct marketing advertising agency, Creative Direct Marketing Group.

So when your list is promoted, it is done using proven direct marketing techniques, in trade publications, to list brokers and direct response agencies.

2. Your list is compared with every incoming order.

Every time we receive an order from a list broker or agency, we analyze it to see if your list meets the requirements. If it does your list is recommended to the broker immediately. This constant reviewing process ensures that you never miss an opportunity to profit from your list.

3. We actively uncover new opportunities for your list.

You’ll find that we are constantly looking for new and unique markets for your list, so it gets maximum exposure and generates more rentals than it ever could before.

4. You get your rental income faster.

At InfoMat we have one of the strictest credit policies and payment schedules in the industry. That means you’ll get your rental income quickly, so your cash flow is consistent and as high as possible. Most other list management companies make you wait 3 to 6 months before you see a dime of the money your list has generated.

5. You’re kept up-to-date on your list’s activities.

You’ll have exclusive online access to reports that detail the ongoing activities of your list. That means you can easily project your monthly list income anytime by checking your account on our site.

6. Your list is fully protected from misuse.

We require a sample of the mailing piece from every potential renter to make sure it meets your requirements. This way you are assured that your list can only be used for promotions you personally approve of.

We also “seed” your list with specially coded names so that we receive samples from the actual mailing. This ensures that your list is used properly in regard to the specific mailing date, one-time use, and only with the mailing you have approved.

7. You’ll enjoy the benefits of working with our friendly, honest staff.

We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for courteous and honest dealings. Brokers tell us they come back to us because we take the time to really find out what the needs of their clients are—and that the recommendations we make are going to be effective and profitable for them.

They know we won’t rent them a list unless we believe it will work profitably—so when we do recommend your list, they know they are only getting the best. And that can mean more money in the bank for you.


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