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Client Testimonials

We are very proud of the success we’ve helped our clients achieve over the years, but sometimes it’s best to let them express it in their own words. For more information on how we might help you achieve these kinds of results with your list, please call us at 1-310-212-5944.

“InfoMat’s list team is the best! I’ve worked with them since 1984. At first I had my list managed by someone else. When I switched, they more than quadrupled my income. I’m delighted with their ability to generate income!”

Dr. Bruce West, Publisher
Health Alert


“I really appreciate your individualized service. Your list services team is friendly, quick to respond, eager to help and honest. Thanks!”

Rob Beigh
Investment Research Institute


“I never dreamed I would make so much money with InfoMat. For years I was using someone else. In 2000 I switched to InfoMat and my income had risen 10 times.”

David Robinson, Publisher
Bull & Bear Financial Report


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